What the Fungi!? Mushroom Health Hacks & How to grow your own Nootropics

Eric Zimmermann

Speaker Bio

Eric Zimmermann believes growing mushrooms and benefiting from all that they offer should no longer be reserved for the big time farmer.  He promotes at home DIY mushroom cultivation, hacking, tinkering, and learning through collaborative multidisciplinary projects.  Eric received his degree in art education from Concordia University Mequon in 2007 and studied organic farming practices as an intern at Springdale Farm CSA in 2008. He started the animation summer workshop at the John Michael Kohler art center with his mentor Stuart Howland in 2006.  In 2009, Eric started work with LUMIN schools with the responsibility of a teachers’ aide to a single 4rth grade class.  In only 3 years, he was promoted to full-time art specialist with the responsibility of teaching art lessons to every grade (K4-8th) at 4 different schools in Milwaukee.  He is currently training mycelium to break down plastic, biohacking with fungi, writing curriculum, freelancing as an illustrator, and tutoring new cultivators.


Big time farmers are getting rich off fungi –
Ripping off consumers and controlling the supply –
Don’t be cheated by all the claims that science would deny –

Learn how mushrooms are medicinal
from what the clinical trials imply!

Yes, from Star Trek to Starbucks, mushrooms seem to be popping up everywhere lately, doing amazing
things like fighting cancer, boosting immunity, improving cognition, making mario SUPER BIG, and
sending starships across the galaxy at faster than warp speeds! As our science catches up with our
science fiction, marketers are getting away with murder selling “mushroom products.” In a market that
enjoys zero quality control yet is expected it hit $50 billion in the coming years, they can literally sell you
the dirt mushrooms grew in and get away with it.
Don’t believe the hype. Come to this presentation and learn which compounds mushrooms produce that
are medicinal and how you can easily grow them at home. We’ll review the latest research from clinical
trials and unveil the low cost, high yield techniques gleaned from the forums of anonymous mushroom