Text Mining: Reading Between The Lines

John Platais

John Platais

Speaker Bio

John Platais owns Enterprise Capacity Planning and Performance Management for the world’s largest provider of banking and payment technologies.  His responsibilities include managing a global team of data scientists, analysts, and engineers dedicated to integrating machine learning, “corrective” automation, and “predictive” business intelligence into global data center operations ensuring both stability and security.  John holds a Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership with a focus on developing data strategies for organizational sustainability and advancement.  In his spare time, He enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, taking family vacations, woodworking, and designing new CAD creations for his 3D Printer.


Ever hear the phrase, “Read between the lines?”  This usually refers to one’s ability to infer hidden meaning from text.  This ability has always been reserved for humans (or those who appear human).  That is, until now.  This session will look at the tools and efforts needed for “Text Mining” or using Data Mining techniques to infer meaning, biases,  misconceptions, and/or hidden agendas from common documents.  Participants will leave with a general understanding of the text mining process along with a list of free/inexpensive tools and services they can use to start text mining right away.